DDIEM - Drug Database for Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Welcome to DDIEM, Drug database for inborn errors of metabolism. DDIEM database is a database on therapeutic strategies for inborn errors of metabolism. These strategies are classified by mechanism and outcome in . DDIEM uses this ontology to categorize the experimental treatments that have been proposed or applied. It includes descriptions of the phenotypes addressed by the treatment and drugs participating in treatment and procedures.

DDIEM is jointly developed by researchers from and .



Ali Raza Syed
Research Software Engineer, KAUST
Allan Kamau
Database Administrator/Developer, KAUST
Dr Paul Schofield
Reader in Biomedical Informatics, University of Cambridge
Eunice McMurray
Biocurator, University of Cambridge
Marwa Abdelhakim
​Scientific Curator, KAUST​
Robert Hoehndorf
Assistant Professor​​​, Computer Science​​, KAUST
Senay Kafkas
​Research Scientist, KAUST​